The Pel (or pixel) is the building block of the digital age. Recognizing the potential embedded in each pixel, cookie, and line of code, 1PEL has created a single platform that harnesses the power of digital relevance to provide Multi Channel advertising services. 1PEL maximizes every ad dollar by tracking and adjusting to changing consumer behavior in real time.

25 Billion
Daily Impressions

1,000,000+ Websites
30+ Ad Networks

The numbers speak for themselves. 1PEL provides its clients with unparalleled reach to ensure that their brands receive the utmost visibility. However, 1PEL does not simply provide quantity. It connects brands' content to consumers based on relevance to ensure every impression is matched with a qualified user. This means every ad not only connects with more people, but the right people. 1PEL provides its clients with complete access to ad exchanges such as:

High Impact

1 Billion Monthly Impressions

Since consumers see so many different ads, companies must fight against this flood in order to reach their target demographic. That is why 1PEL offers high impact direct buys that connect clients with over 400 premier publishers that generate 174 million+ unique users every month. With 1PEL, clients can relax knowing their brand messaging will cut through the noise. Some of the ad networks that 1PEL connects its clients with include:

Data Management

The data needed to understand and predict consumer behavior is out there. The hard part is collecting, storing, and analyzing it. With its propriety data management platform, 1PEL does all of the leg work so that clients can effortlessly learn all about their customers and what it takes to connect with them. No matter what size the campaign, 1PEL’s unparalleled ability to gather, store, and analyze data transforms qualified users into active customers.

Any Ad, On Anything

1PEL serves every ad type of any size on any device. From a static image for mobile to a complete page-takeover with a pre-roll trailer, 1PEL does it all. Not only can 1PEL meet every need for any type of media campaign, it constantly innovates new and exciting ways to reach customers. Unsatisfied with anything but the best, 1PEL works closely with clients to create the most eye-popping, mouth-watering, mind-blowing ads in the industry. Some of 1PEL’s vast creative offerings include:

  • High Impact
  • Rich Media
  • Expandables
  • Takeovers
  • Push-downs
  • Tandems
  • Mini-games
  • Video Pre-roll
  • Video Overlays
  • WAP & APP Mobile Content
  • iOS, Android, Blackberry

Mobile Ad Partners

Robust Reporting

1PEL’s unique, in-depth reporting provides clients with deep insights into every ad and every audience member. Understanding the ins and outs of past campaigns allows 1PEL to maximize return on future ones by knowing the most effective and efficient ways to connect with customers. Every one of 1PEL’s 360-degree campaign reports include in-depth insight into:

  • Full Social Reporting
  • Social Conversation
  • Media Types
  • Purchase Intent
  • Engagement
  • Age/Gender Breakdown
  • Sentiment Spikes
  • Audience Captured
  • National & International Popularity
  • Online Engagement Breakdown

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